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It’s relatively late here and I was just replaying a memory and felt the need to share it.

About a month ago I won a competition to play my guitar onstage with my all time favourite band Thirty Seconds To Mars during their song City of Angels.

I met up with Tomo about an hour before the show and we ran through the song a few times, spoke about animal rights and I very secretly giggled at Jared fixing his hair in the mirror behind us. I instantly felt like Tomo and I had just become friends. He treated me like a king the entire night.

Later, I played the song in front of 8000 people and had the time of my life. I stepped off stage, put my guitar in it’s case and stood side of stage and looked out at the crowd. I began to tear up pretty badly. I had never ever been so happy in my entire life. My number one dream is to play my guitar on a stage like that and not only did I accomplish that, I did it with my all time favourite band.

During the acoustic part of the show, Tomo came over to me; ‘Dude you killed it!’. I tried to say thank you but I started to bawl my eyes out. You know when your bottom lip quivers and you do the shallow, sharp inhales because that’s how hard you’re crying? That was me. I somehow managed to spit out something along the lines of ‘Thank you, that meant so much to me, it was so much fun, thank you’

'Serious man? Come here!' Tomo said, pulling me into a hug. A moment passed and I began to let go but he hugged tighter and said 'don't worry bro, I wont let you go man, I got you! I got you!'

And I just thought that was so nice and wanted to share with the Echelon; Tomo’s incredible heart.

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I love that Jared is the one that posted this gifset 

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Jared Leto  is super patriotic in his red, white, and blue plaid shirt while heading into an office building on Thursday afternoon (April 17) in Los Angeles.


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ay mofo hahahhaha

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